A fine for not wearing a mask, 19 people in prayer: These are the new reliefs

After many hours, the government’s (first) morning session was concluded, in which new reliefs were approved for the economy, which included, among other things, a return to 30% of the workforce situation in the workplace and a prayer service attended by up to 19 people. Also, get more out of sports in pairs up to 500 meters away from home. On the other hand, failure to wear a face mask and failure to carry it may result in a fine of NIS 200 for the second time for committing the offense and after giving warning when committing the first offense.

These The new fixes To the emergency regulations, the government tonight approved and will take effect today:

– Manufacturing, manufacturing and services industries Will be able to return to work format of 30% of the workforce or up to 10 employees at the same time in the workplace, Whichever is higher. However, this limitation will not apply to jobs and businesses that will meet them The Purple Tea Rules And those will be able to employ higher manpower.

– Every business shall appoint a corona appointed on its behalf; Adhering to hygiene rules; Prohibition of gathering in the corner of the cafe and in the kitchenettes; Eating in the employee’s room as much as possible; Maintaining a two-meter distance between people; Entrance heat test; Inlay in the same convection group and same shift as possible; In a room of up to 20 square meters – there can be two employees, or a larger number of employees, if between employee and employee there is a partition to prevent spraying; In a room that is over 20 square meters – up to five employees or a larger number of employees if between employee and employee there is a partition; holding meetings and discussions will allow up to eight employees in the room.

– If one of the workers becomes infected with the Corona virus in the workplace, all or part of the workplace will be closed for a period ending at the latest when the epidemiological investigation is completed by the Ministry of Health. In addition, it is recommended that a person with background illnesses avoid physical entry into the workplace.

Corona couple (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni)

– Compliance with the Purple Tea rules will be through self-regulation. As long as the business complies with the established rules, it can return to activity immediately without the need for approval. Violation of the rules involves a criminal offense and a return to the previous restrictions.

– Approved Opening of a number of trade and services industries Subject to compliance with the following conditions (“Purple Tea” for Commerce): Health Statement and Heat Measurement for Entrants, 2-meter marking distance between customers at checkout, physical partition between seller and buyer, regular shift work, hygiene and disinfection frequently, restriction of store entry So there will be no more than 2 customers at one store or two customers per active register, in a store larger than 100 square meters can accommodate 4 people per active register.

Here are the branches that have been approved for opening under the conditions listed above (the “purple tea” for trading):

Information and communication equipment, audio and video equipment, computers, peripherals, software and communication equipment, textiles, metal tools, paints and glass, carpets, carpets and wall and floor coverings, furniture, household electrical and gas appliances, household goods and other household goods (except toys and games) , Cultural and leisure objects, books, newspapers, office supplies and stationery, sports and bicycle equipment, musical instruments, music and movies on media, medical accessories, laundry, sewing and cobbler.

– It has been determined that operating a business contrary to the regulations shall be regarded as a criminal offense as well as an administrative offense which may be imposed for a fine.

– It will be possible to ship from all stores, And self-collection Of all the stores open according to the regulations.

Safari in Ramat Gan. Will it run again? (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni)Safari in Ramat Gan. Will it run again? (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni)

Sports activities will be allowed Of an individual, of an individual with only one permanent person, or of persons living in the same place, and up to 500 meters from the place of residence. Entrance to beaches, parks, playgrounds and municipal sports facilities will not be allowed. Walking and staying in other people’s homes will not be possible (beyond the 3 families who are in constant contact with the children).

– Allows for an alliance or wedding in an open space only, with a maximum of 10 people and at a distance of 2 meters between people. There will also be an exit for mikvah men, provided that no more than three people will remain in the complex at any time.

The prayer will be attended by up to 19 people Up to 500 meters from the place of residence or workplace in an open space while remaining at least 2 meters from person to person.

– It will be possible to operate a zoo, a safari or a national park for the purpose of holding an activity in an open place intended for a person with a disability in accordance with the guidelines laid down in the regulations.

– Do not operate a clinic or operating room to provide treatment intended for aesthetic purposes unless treatment is required for essential health.

– Earlier last night, the Director General of the Ministry of Health signed a public health order allowing special education to be opened with up to 3 children in the group, subject to a quarter-hour separation between the group and the hygiene. In addition, 3 families with a regular therapist will be allowed to Keeping the children in compliance with the binding rules.

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