A significant drop in the number of coronary patients who were in serious condition, 172 passed away

Beilinson Hospital

The Ministry of Health announced Sunday that the number of people infected with Corona in Israel has risen to 13,491. The number of Corona patients in serious condition decreased by 18 days. 172 have so far died of the virus. The number of breaths has fallen by four since yesterday evening and stands at 109.

Since yesterday evening, only 226 new patients have been added. This is a 1.7% increase – the lowest so far since the outbreak of the plague. The number of patients in severe condition decreased by 11%.

One of the things they talk about is flattening the curve of the patients – that is, the actual number of patients. Yesterday, there were 9,645 active Corona patients in Israel, now the number has dropped to 9,565. The number of recoverers from yesterday at this time has increased by 298.

Corona virus
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Israel ranks 22nd in the world in the number of patients diagnosed. The death rate in Israel, which is one of the lowest among the countries in which more than 10,000 are infected, gradually rises to almost 1.3% – meaning 1 in 78 Corona patients in Israel has died.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, yesterday there were 10,010 corona tests. On Friday, 10,039 tests were conducted. If you look at the Israelis infected with the virus and die by locality, you can see that in Jerusalem, 42 people have died so far in Be’er Sheva 13, Bnei Brak 13, Bat Yam 11, Tel Aviv 9, Ramat Gan 7, Tiberias 6, Holon 4, Rishon To Zion 4, Ra’anana 4, Haifa 3, Nof Galil 3, Netanya 3, Afula 3, and Petah Tikva 3.

World mortality rates, according to Reuters, are 6.83%. In the US, 5.15% of patients died, in Spain 10.44%, in Italy 13.2%, in France 12.7 and in Germany about 3%. The lowest figure in countries with more than 10,000 patients is Russia, where 0.84% ​​of patients died – according to Moscow.

In the meantime, tonight’s test results came from Raman Gan’s protected housing tenants at Ramat Gan – after two foreign caregivers were diagnosed with Corona blue. According to the results, all residents of Mishan Efel are free of the virus.

Of the 995 tests, 992 were negative and only three were positive: the two foreign caregivers reported at noon – and one nurse. The nurse was put in solitary confinement and the foreign caregivers moved to stay out of the dark.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health announced Completion of laboratory failure at Weizmann Institute,
As a result, 14 residents of Beit Hadar Nursing Home in Ashdod received a positive result for their corona test – and after repeated tests at the hospital, they were found to be negative. Nine of the occupants were hospitalized in Assuta in Ashdod, three at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot and two at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.

The ministry’s statement shows that five more people, beyond those from the nursing home, received a positive response even though they did not contract the virus. The Health Ministry statement states that “according to the Institute, there were 19 false positive tests, meaning people were found to be blue even though they were not sick.”

The ministry responded to the Weizmann Institute’s claim after revealing the case, that in the case of a “borderline” answer, the result should be treated as a positive one: “The Ministry makes it clear that no laboratories have been instructed to translate a borderline answer into a positive answer. .

Tonight it was learned that a doctor in the cardiac intensive care unit at Afula Valley Medical Center was diagnosed with a positive for Corona. The doctor was sent to home isolation and an epidemiological investigation was conducted in which tests were taken from staff members who came in contact with him. The unit was closed until tomorrow for cleaning and disinfection until the laboratory results of the exposed personnel became clear.

In the meantime, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s instructions, the head of the Druze community Sheikh Mofak Triif announced that for the first time in the history of the Druze community in Israel, the celebrations will not take place during the Nabi Shawiv holiday on April 25.




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