Animated Worldwide Spread Chart and Real-Time Country specific Querry for COVID–19|Daily Update

Animated Worldwide Spread Chart and Real-Time Querry per Country of Confirmed COVID–19 Cases, Deaths & Recovered – Daily Update 

The chart below highlights the spread of the confirmed Coronavirus Cases Worldwide Over Time since January 22nd, 2020 on an animated global map.

The system will auto-play the progress of COVID19, however, you may pause, re-play, fast-forward or back-forward the spread of the virus on the Global map using the “Play Button”.

Just Below the animated map, there’s an interactive data table Listing the total number of Confirmed COVID19 infection, Deaths and revered cases worldwide par country.

You may query the table through the input of your requested country’s name in the search field. As you type, the corresponding countries will be displayed. The table is also sortable from the heading menu and navigates through pages by clicking on back & forward arrows.

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