Corona virus in Austria: “Corona party” celebrated in the Ministry? – “Completely unacceptable”

Austria is successful in the fight against the corona virus and therefore decides to relax it. All developments here in the news ticker.

Update from April 19, 6:35 p.m .: Sebastian Kurz has in Interview with the US broadcaster “CNN” touted his rigorous approach to the Corona crisis. The rapid response was correct, said the Chancellor. And further: “That is why the situation is now under control, even in the hospitals.” There are during the day “Less than 100 new infections”.

In addition, the ÖVP politician gave an insight into the further plans for the easing after the shutdown: “We always go in Two week steps so that we can see how the situation develops and the infections increase again. At the beginning of May, all shops and the restaurants in mid-May are due to open again.“It is currently feasible to run 10,000 tests a day. Social distancing is important.

Update from April 19, 5:17 p.m .: Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger may be the citizen of certain countries with her proposal Entry for summer vacations allow (entry from 11:14), advanced too far. As the State Department said default announced, will about the Opening the borders decided in close coordination with neighboring countries. It is clear that the Freedom of travel restricted for a while will stay

Update from April 19, 1:20 p.m .: What has long been valid in Austria could soon also apply in Germany. We are talking about the obligation to wear a mask. Currently, this does not apply nationwide, Saxony has become the first federal state to wear a protective mask. Bavaria will soon follow suit. In the Free State there are politically different opinions about the time – so the free voters demand the mask requirement immediately.

Update from April 19, 11:14 p.m .: Even if Europe at the Coronavirus pandemic At the very beginning, some people are afraid and worried about their summer vacation. You don’t need to be a health expert to have the Germans hoping for a beach holiday this year.

The Travel restrictions in Europe will probably continue for some time. Nonetheless, one could Summer trip to one of our neighboring countries may be feasible his. This is indicated by Austria’s Minister of Tourism Elisabeth Köstinger.

Update, 10:45 p.m .: A Viennese doctor, despite the success in Fighting the corona virus and given the first Easing of exit restrictions warned of premature euphoria.

Covid-19 is only over when there is a vaccination. Seven billion people are said to be vaccinated. I see a big security issue, and everything that is cleverly tested takes time, ”said Infectiologist Christoph Wenisch from Kaiser-Franz-Josef Hospital in a Ö1 broadcast: “A normal everyday life only gives way Covid-19. That will be at the earliest in 2022 or in the 2023s when the vaccination is there. “

Cure for Corona? The Ebola drug Remdesivir.

© dpa / Ulrich Perrey

In addition, the Ebola drug Remdesivir must be used in the treatment of Corona patients still prove long-term.

Corona crisis management brings Chancellor Kurz and ÖVP high spirits

Update from April 18, 10:20 p.m .: Crisis management in the Corona crisis has the ruling ÖVP from Chancellor Sebastian Kurz a mood high in the favor of voters.

According to the profile-Sunday question, the conservative People’s Party now has 48 percent – and thus increases by a whopping nine percentage points. Current would be for Short’ ÖVP thus even the absolute majority within reach. SPÖ and coalition partners The green follow by far (16 percent each).

First report from April 18:

Munich / Vienna – Political mud battle in Vienna, in the middle of the Corona crisis.

A photo has in Austria caused a lot of excitement. It shows: Five employees of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as they stand with drinks on a small balcony, which makes the minimum distances between people impossible.

Corona crisis in Austria: Ministry of Economy in Vienna embarrasses itself

The news portal reported the incident – and asked if it was about one “Corona party” acted.

A spokesman for the business department called the behavior of the five employees on the ministry balcony on the Vienna Stubenring “completely unacceptable”, the report said. But it was not a “corona party”.

Corona in Austria: Political mud battle in the middle of the pandemic

Nevertheless, the outcry was great – especially among the opposition. The right-wing conservative FPÖ criticized: “While at the daily press conferences instructing the citizens to stay at home, people celebrate elsewhere.”

Minister of Economics Margarete Schramböck
(ÖVP) announced a “quick and hard procedure” in the matter. The embarrassment could no longer prevent this. Meanwhile, the Fighting the corona virus in Austria too continue unabated.

Corona crisis in Austria: Spectacular rescue operation of coronavirus patient between Vorarlberg and Vienna

In a spectacular rescue operation, a Black Hawk helicopter from the German Army had a seriously ill Corona patients flown from Bludenz in Vorarlberg together with the flying intensive care unit to Vienna 600 kilometers away.

The pilots had to land at the hospital at night with special night vision devices.

There is further good news from the Alpine Republic, in which the first easing of the exit restrictions has come into force: The number of patients who have changed from one Corona infection have recovered, exceeded the 10,000 mark.

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