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New Delhi: Paracetamol drug shipped from India to the UK The packages will soon land in the UK markets. India sends drugs to many countries to deal with COVID – 19. In the past, India also sent hydroxychloroquine drugs to many countries, which are currently known as game changer drugs.

A spokesman for the British High Commission says: “We thank the Indian government for authorizing the export of 2.8 million paracetamol packets to the UK. The drug is distributed to leading UK supermarkets and retailers. “

He also said: “We have been facing the biggest threat like the corona virus for decades. So it is imperative that we work together to continue world trade and complete supply. ” We will continue to work with India and other countries to defeat the corona virus. “

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To combat the corona crisis, both countries are working in several multilateral forums. 15 On April G 20 finance ministers agreed to an economy work plan to reduce the global economic loss of the coronovirus epidemic. This action plan was continued by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Treasury Secretary Rishi Sanak.

India has caused many British citizens trapped here to return. More than 3,700 British citizens have returned to the UK on UK government charter flights. At the end of the third round of charter flights announced on Friday, the UK helped over 9,000 people return to the UK.

A spokesman for the UK High Commission said: “We want to arrange more flights from places in India where we know that a large number of British citizens are still stranded.”

When asked about the Indian model of Kovid – 19, the spokesman said: “Britain likes India to slow the spread of the coronovirus. It also stopped the movement so that at least people are sick at one point and our National Health Service can treat them. That is why we instruct people to stay at home so that lives can be saved. ‘

Corona virus causes in the UK 15, more than 000 people have died and more than one lakh has been infected.


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