Covid-19 patients may be isolated in hotels


Covid-19 patients can be isolated in hotels (illustration photo of a Parisian hotel on April 16)

POLICY – It’s a three-step strategy. Édouard Philippe traced the contours of the deconfinement of the population during an exceptional press conference this Sunday, April 19. And if he hasn’t answered the many concrete questions that arise the situation, the Prime Minister said that this return to normal life – which will not really be one – would be accompanied by three preventive components.

The first two were relatively well known: the importance of barrier gestures in fighting the epidemic of coronavirus and the government’s will to test each Frenchman presenting symptoms.

But, Edouard Philippe now wants to go further by making the isolation of patients tested positive for Covid-19 systematic. They will have the choice of staying confined to their home, with a ban on leaving the whole household, or they may go to a hotel requisitioned for the occasion.

“If you test positive, you will have the choice between isolation, confinement at home which will inevitably weigh on you and those who live with you fairly strict obligations, that is to say obligations not to go out. (…) Or you will decide to confine yourself to a place which is not your home which could be a hotel put at your disposal ”, detailed the head of government as you can see it below.

Another preventive measure announced by Édouard Philippe: the wearing of the “probably” compulsory mask in public transport. “It is likely, as regards public transport, that it will be compulsory for them to use a mask for the general public” after May 11, facing the Prime Minister, indicated.

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