Covid hospital admissions surpassed the peak

According to the President of NI of the British Medical Association (BMA), hospital admissions related to Covid-19 have “hopefully surpassed the peak” and the infection curve is flattening.

Londonderry doctor Dr Tom Black said the number of people leaving the hospital for Covid-19 has now exceeded the number of people admitted for the virus.

But he added that we had not passed the peak of the dead.

He said it would take another 10 days.

“Regarding admissions, we hope to have crossed the top of the curve. We have not passed the peak of deaths, it still takes 10 days,” he said.

According to data from the Department of Health, 612 Covid-19 patients, confirmed or suspected, are being treated in hospitals in Northern Ireland.

The figures, updated at 2:00 p.m. BST Sunday, show that 2,307 patients treated for the disease in hospitals have been released.

There have been 194 reported deaths in Northern Ireland.

However, the overall number should be significantly higher if one takes into account non-hospital deaths.

Over the weekend, the department presented a online dashboard which will be updated daily, with information on hospital admissions and discharges, bed occupancy and a breakdown of cases and deaths by age and sex.

“Sufficient intensive care beds”

As of Sunday, 36 patients had tested positive or suspected of having Covid-19 in intensive care units (ICUs) across Northern Ireland, with 41 intensive care beds available.

In a statement to BBC News NI, a spokesperson for the Department of Health said that as part of its Covid-19 emergency plan, additional intensive care beds were available when needed.

“At this stage, the number of intensive care beds available is sufficient to meet the demand,” added the spokesperson.

There were also 42 non-Covid patients treated in intensive care beds in Northern Ireland.

Based on confirmed data, the dashboard indicates that although there were considerably more women (1,525) who tested positive than men (1,070), there were more deaths among men (109 ) than in women (84).

Of those who died, it is known that 112 people were over the age of 80.

Seventy-one of them were between 60 and 79 years old and 10 between 40 and 59 years old.

The age of one of those who died is not known.


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